This is my son’s humor when he’s driving, as he cranes his neck to see if traffic is clear and says, “We good, Nancy?” I laugh every single time.  I picture it, and then my mind wanders to the life of Harold and Nancy.

Harold wears a hat, of course.  Cigar-scented and sunken into the seat of an old classic with bad suspension, he peers over the wheel to get a glimpse of the road.  Nancy is wearing a camel wool coat and a great amount of rouge.  Her hair is stiffly coiffed and she smells like rosewater.  Underneath the layers of sweaters and slips of this diminutive woman, there rests her black belt in marital arts.  “We good, Nancy?”  With a hailing hand, Nancy gives him the go ahead.  “Ok Harold, all clear.”  Harold has been deferring to Nancy for over half a century and she’s never steered him wrong.  She is his strength, his conscience.  His Bobby Kennedy.  He built his empire and she is his Empress.

My husband just announced that his job is in jeopardy.  This disclosure was difficult for him but he reassured me that he WILL provide for this family whatever it takes, and he will.  Of course he will.  And I will provide for my husband the fortitude it requires to emotionally balance this man who’s walking a tightrope, and whatever else it takes to shield him from the pressures of family life while he manages a crisis.

Perhaps I feel more endeared to Harold and Nancy on this occasion and imagine the day when I finally get my crown, earn my own black belt in the marital arts.  When my husband is no longer the king of his kingdom but I first, his queen.  Instead of having answers, there will only be one question:  “We good, Amy?”

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