Hello, I’m Amy.  Mother of three and 22 years wed.  I’m a Leo, fire and fixed.

Here lies an open invitation to join me on my travels into the depth of the human condition.  A space to sort things out and reclaim the sanity that escapes us all.  This blog is a tool designed entirely for the purpose of exploration, growth, change, and self care.  A place to engage in the world beyond ourselves, while also celebrating and honoring ourselves.  Where the the unthinkable is thought and the impossible made possible.  Where goodness is held to the light and the dark, terrifying realities can surface and then depart us.  A space to explore the mysteries of our existence and attempt to make simpler the complexity of our lives.

Water & Bloom is a dream blog.  It is both a sabbatical and my work.  A place to sojourn and a place to roll up my sleeves and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  Thanks for joining me!


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